Chance to Dance Company

Dance Lessons for Children with Special Needs & Disabilities

We believe there is not a physical challenge or disability that can prevent a child from tapping into the art-form and joy of dance

We offer ballet and tap dance classes for children with physical, cognitive and other disabilities. No previous dance experience? No problem!

Learn about Chance to Dance Company and why we work so hard to offer children with disabilities a chance to dance.

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Ready to nourish, train, & encourage your child through the movement of dance, while providing a creative, therapeutic, & artistic outlet for self-expression?

Imagination, Creativity, Confidence

Chance to Dance Co. offers dance classes that provide a creative, therapeutic, and artistic outlet for self-expression through the movement of dance and music, making the joy of dance accessible in a safe environment while encouraging everyone to showcase their strength and abilities.

Chance to Dance Co. opens new opportunities for students to meet new and interesting friends from all walks of life in a fun social environment engaging their peers while learning a new skill. Your child will explore new ways to move and express themselves while increasing fitness, muscular strength, mobility, flexibility, and cognitive abilities through mental and muscle memory.