Ballet & Tap Dance Class Information

Ballet Class Information

Students will learn basic ballet fundamentals in a fun and creative manner while developing musicality and rhythm. Students will actively engage in proper alignment and class etiquette for ballet while utilizing ballet vocabulary. The class structure consists of floor work, center exercises, across the floor exercises and improvisation.

Tap Dance Class Information

Tap helps build a solid technique in rhythm, strength, coordination and dance vocabulary. This curriculum includes the basic fundamentals of tap (shuffles, cramp rolls, flaps, etc.) Students will focus on having control over the muscles of their feet, ankles and legs.

We encourage parents to sign their children up for both tap and ballet classes.

Fall Class Schedule for Tap & Ballet

Both the tap and ballet classes are for children from the ages of 5 to 11 years old and begin October 23, 2017, with the last class being on December 13, 2017. Classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays in the early evening as follows:

Ballet: Monday & Wednesday @ 5:15 PM

 Tap:    Monday & Wednesday @ 6:15 PM

Fall Holiday Schedule:

There will be no class on Wednesday, November 23, 2017, due to the Thanksgiving Holiday Break. Classes will resume again the following Monday.

Class Pricing & Payment Options

Classes are $20 per class if you make one payment for all 8 weeks of the fall class schedule up front.

Classes are $22 per class if you choose to pay in two installment payments.

There is a one time registration fee of $15 for those registering for the first time.

Installment Plan Pricing:

$22 / Class x 2 Times / Week x 8 Weeks = $330

(Two Payments of $165.00)

 Up Front Payment Pricing:

 $20 / Class x 2 Times / Week x 8 Weeks = $300 ($30 Savings)

 * Scholarships may be available for those in need. Contact us to find out more and to see if you qualify for help with class costs.